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August 15, 2012

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Oak to Cherry

April 9, 2012

The customer liked her layout and wanted to remain close to her original color, but disliked the grainy oak look.  She also wanted to be able to store more in her existing cabinets.

The answer was a mitered door in Cherry which gave her a more up to date look.  Roll out trays solved the storage problem and adding raised panel ends to the cabinets and island gave the cabinets a custom cabinet look.  Another happy KTU client!

Here are the before and after pictures (click image to enlarge):

Also be sure to watch my video walk-through for a closer look:

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Stacked Cabinets

April 3, 2012

Our client wanted to extend their cabinets to the ceiling and didn’t like their built in pantry. We first looked at adding cabinets but by the time we matched their existing cabinet and made the necessary modifications, it was more cost effective to just replace the existing cabinets.

As you can see, we stacked the upper cabinets to their 9’ ceiling and added glass doors to the uppers. We also added LED undercabinet lights to the underside of the uppers and inside the stacked cabinets so the customer could display some items in the stacked cabinets.  The built in pantry was replaced with corner cabinets on top, lazy susan on bottom and a cabinet pantry with roll out trays.  New granite tops and a tile backsplash finished it off.  The customer loved the results!

Here are the before and after pictures (Click image to enlarge):

I also did a quick video walk-through of the finished kitchen.  You can view that below:

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The Windom

March 20, 2012

The customer was tired of the white cabinets and laminate top.  They never used the desk and wanted that replaced with useful drawers and a wine fridge.  They also didn’t like the large gap over the cabinets and wanted them extended visually to the ceiling.

We reused and refaced most of the cabinet while replacing the cabinets on the back side of the island and the desk area.  To extend the cabinets, we used raised panels that matched the doors and build a stylish soffit above the upper cabinets.  New, full extension, soft close drawers were also added.  The granite countertop was dynamite and very pretty as you can see on our video.  Another thrilled KTU customer!

Here are the before and after pictures (Click image to enlarge):

Also be sure to check out the video walk-through I made:

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Sophie’s Kitchen

March 16, 2012

The customer’s kitchen was outdated oak and lacked some functionality.  There also was a large section of the kitchen that was bare that the customer wanted a “command center” for the family.  They wanted a large wall oven which their existing cabinet could not accommodate. Their existing lazy susan didn’t work and the island was boring (to quote the client).

We saved most of the perimeter cabinets and refaced them in a dark maple with glaze. We did replace the lazy susan, the oven cabinet and installed a wine rack over the fridge.  We replaced the oven cabinet allowing a wider, 30” oven to be installed.  We really spiced up the island with raised panels on the back, a contoured countertop at the end and legs.  The matching command center provides for storage of “office” type stuff and gives her a central place to direct her kids from.  Although it’s not visible in the pictures, we also installed built in seating for one side of the kitchen table and make the tops hinged so items could be sorted inside the seats if needed.  All in all….a completely new look and a very happy customer!

Here are the before and after pictures: (Click image to enlarge)

Be sure and check out the video walk-through we did for this project as well:

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Bathroom Arches

March 5, 2012

Here’s the latest Kitchen Tune-Up Charlotte bathroom remodel.

We completely redid this bathroom starting with new vanities, sinks, granite counter tops, fixtures and lighting. We laid down a travertine tile floor and a new tub complete with tile tub deck.  The customer wanted some arches worked into the design so we did a new tile shower with an arch door and window.

There’s so much to this project that I strongly recommend watching the walk-through video below!

Here are the before and after pictures (click image to enlarge):

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